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Ferenc Snétberger: For My People

Album of Ferenc Snétberger with the Ferenc Liszt Chamber Orchestra

“In Memory of My People” is the title of Ferenc Snétbergers first composition for guitar and orchestra, a work that deals with the cultural roots of Snétbergers Hungarian homeland. Living mainly in Berlin (Germany) today, he is foremost known for successful adaptating diverse influences, melting different musical cultures and developing his own style out of them. In this respect, composing a concerto for guitar and orchestra was a logical step forward in his musical development. Beside the classical language of the orchestra, the soloist has the freedom to improvise.
A fundamental principle in all of Snétbergers music, improvisation is also the link to the three duet pieces that were created together with Markus Stockhausen. Quickly, after hearing the concerto and communicating about few basics, the two musicians became able to melt Stockhausens trumpet and Snétbergers guitar into a charming acoustic entity. This attractive musical connection works out very well – not at least because both musicians are interested in the new, looking for diverse musical influences and working with musicians from quite different cultures.
Since the beginning of his career Ferenc Snétberger has felt a deep affection for classical music. Lasting until today, his enthusiasm for Johann Sebastian Bach started at the music school he attended as a youth. After his studies at the renowned Jazz Conservatory of Budapest, Snétberger made himself a name as a bordercrosser between classical and jazz who is always eager to compose and play something new and personal.
Snétbergers instrument is the guitar, his passion is improvisation. For a long time he had the idea of writing a classical orchestra piece with solo guitar but it was never realised until receiving an impetus in 1995. A composer living in Israel then asked several classical musicians all around the world to write music on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the holocausts ending. Snétberger – of Roma origin – composed his Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra calling it “In Memory of My People.”
For the recording he gained the interest of the renowned Ferenc Liszt Chamber Orchestra in Budapest who will also take part in public performances of the work.
To the present day, only few works for guitar and orchestra have come into existence, the most popular of them being those by Vivaldi and Rodrigo. Snétbergers Concerto is different – mainly because the solo part is only roughly written down preserving the freedom to improvise also in a classical context.
The CD “For My People” captivates the listener by its wide range combined with a clear dramaturgy: Introduced by the duet pieces for guitar and trumpet, the Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra stands in the center; two classical pieces for solo guitar provide the conclusion and reverberation.


Snétberger Ferenc gitár
Markus Stockhausen  trombita (# 2 & 4), szárnykürt (# 3)
Ferenc Liszt Chamber Orchestra (# 5-7)

Concert Master: János Rolla; Violins I: János Rolla, György Lovas, Zoltán Tfirst, Péter Hamar, Lili Áldor; Violins II: Kálmán Kostyál, Zsuzsa Weisz, Péter Gazda, György Kiss, Éva Isépy; Violas: Mihály Várnagy, Attila Lezsák, András Pista; Cellos: Mária Frank, Otto Kertész, Anna Sándor; Double Bass: Alajos H. Zováthi
1. Mazurka 3:51
2. Hajnal 6:56
3. Gond Nélkül 3:39
4. Alkony 9:05
5. Hallgató (Adagio – Allegro) 8:09
6. Emlékek (Adagio) 8:06
7. Tánc (Allegro furioso) 3:38
8. Fantázia 5:06
9. Vals Criollo / Vals Gitano 1:52
ENJA  9387-2
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