Places of memory – Places of Learning

History and stories – learning and locating

“Verortungen” (Localization) is a German online resource in the context of the education portal bilden-begegnen-bewegen, of the Documentation and Cultural Centre of German Sinti and Roma. The website offers information about memorial sites, crime scenes, and places of learning. Additionally, it provides access to biographic pictures and sketches of political victims of persecution, survivors, and activists of the civil rights struggle.

Notably, the objective of displaying the memorial sites is to consider them under their particular social and political context of their construction. Only a manifold civic engagement made many of the commemorative markers possible. Verortungen aims to visualize and honour that.

The website views itself as an ongoing, and cumulative process. Research on memorial sites as well as on the remain of photographs throughout Germany continues. Suggestions and amendments are always welcome as well as the exchange with interested and actively engaged people for further expansion of offerings.



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