How to participate in the 80th anniversary of 2 August, European Holocaust Memorial Day for Roma and Sinti?

  1. Participation of individuals and groups
  • Participation in the commemoration as well as the framework program is open.
  • We kindly ask you to confirm your participation until the beginning/mid of July in the online registration form, and the organizing team will provide you with all the necessary detailed information.
  • Please note that participants are responsible for planning and financing their travel and accommodation in Krakow. Coverage of travel costs is not possible. We recommend finding accommodation around the conference venue (Jagiellonian University) or city centre. If you bring a bigger group, you can consult the organizer’s team for advice.
  • On the morning of August 2, a bus transfer from Krakow to the Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau will be provided, with a return trip offered at the end of the commemorative events. The exact departure time and location will be announced later. Please let us know in your registration if you wish to use this service.
  • If you are unable to participate in the entire program, you are welcome to attend parts of it. We kindly ask you to indicate this when registering.
  • You can propose a list of contacts from your countries that should receive an official invitation letter (government, parliament, memorial institutions, civil society) in order to raise their awareness about the 80th Please send us titles, names, positions, names of institutions and email addresses.
  • For any questions do not hesitate to contact the team: 
  1. Build a national delegation to attend the commemoration on 2 August in Auschwitz

We invite you to assemble national delegations for the August 2, 2024 commemoration at the  Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial site. We encourage the inclusion of Members of Parliament, governmental representatives, and institutions focused on Holocaust research, remembrance, and education, as well as representatives from civil society. While group costs are the responsibility of national institutions, logistical support and program development assistance can be provided upon coordination with 

  1. Local and national recognition and remembrance

We kindly ask for sharing information about local and national commemoration ceremonies on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of 2 August. Please share with us updates and information on this year’s events, which can be published here:


  1. Media visibility and public awareness-raising

The press invitation has been published on 16 May, 2024. Partners can contribute to encourage media participation and coverage on local, national and international level. Updated information is available on the website of the memorial day. Additional details will be provided at a later stage.  

  1. High-level video statements for remembrance and recognition

We encourage national leaders and outstanding personalities to contribute with video statements to an internationally visible and dignified memorial day. Statements can also be published on the website and can be spread via social media.

Questions and contributions:  

  1. Youth participation for remembrance:
    International youth remembrance event „DIKH HE NA BISTER”

DIKH HE NA BISTER (“Look and don’t forget” in Romani) – the Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative mobilizes each year thousands of young Roma and non-Roma all over Europe on the occasion of the 2 August to advance remembrance, recognition and education about the Genocide of Sinti and Roma. The initiative creates a dialogue and personal encounter of young people with Holocaust survivors. Their testimonies inspire the participants to address and resist against current challenges of antigypsyism, and other forms of racism in Europe today.

DIKH HE NA BISTER consists of partner organizations in numerous European countries that mobilize both to bring young people to the event in Krakow and Auschwitz, but also to advocate for local and national commemorations. We invite you to support the national partners of the initiative in their efforts. We can put you in contact with the respective Dikh He Na Bister youth and partner organization.

Contact for Dikh He Na Bister:

80th anniversary

International Conference

“My testimony is for young people”
Passing on Memory for the Future
of Holocaust Remembrance and Education

31st of July – 1st of August 2024

Christian Pfeil

Holocaust survivor – Speech at the United Nations Holocaust Memorial Ceremony January 26, 2024

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