2 August 2021

Adrian-Nicolae Furtuna

Rom and Historian at the University of Bucharest

Statement on the occasion of 2 August 2021, Holocaust Memorial Day for Sinti and Roma

Adrian-Nicolae Furtuna is a Romanian Historian. His main field of work is the Genocide of the Roma in Transnistria. Among other works he published:

Why they don’t cry? … Roma Holocaust an its true story. Deportation of the Roma in Transnistria: testimonies, studies, documents, Amare Rromentza, 2010; Social Representation of the Roma Deportations to Transnistria, Holocaust, Study & Research / Holocaust. Studii si Cercetari, 2012; and the documentary “The rudari: them contributions in the Romanian space”.

He is also the director of the Cultural and Social Research Center “Romane Rodimata”.

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