2 August 2020

Luc Jacobs

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium in Poland

Statement anlässlich des Europäischen Holocaust-Gedenktages für Sinti und Roma 2020

On this sad anniversary we remember the 500,000 Sinti and Roma that perished in the Holocaust.

We owe this tribute to every single victim who’s human dignity, who’s very existence was ruthlessly and routinely denied by other human beings.

The unspeakable crimes perpetrated in the extermination camps, continue to shock us,  not only because they happened but also, because they could happen.

Thanks to dedicated research and education, underpinned by the poignant testimony of survivors, we have come to better grasp the underlying factors that culminated in the horror of the Holocaust.

There can be no excuse any more for remaining indifferent when harassment, exclusion or even dehumanization of minorities become the accepted ‘new normal’ in political discourse and social attitudes.


Dr Bernd Fabritius

Federal Government Commissioner for Matters Related to Ethnic German Resettlers and National Minorities

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